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The Ramshackle Army – Rue the Day

February 16, 2012

“Rue the Day” is the Ramshackle Army’s first single from their debut ep “Life Lessons & Drunken Sessions”.

I used an iPhone 4S mounted on a stedicam smoothie to film the Ramshackle narrative, A GoPro Hero2 for the in-car scene, and the alternative narrative is recycled footage from an unreleased short film shot on a Canon HV40.

“Rue the Day” Official film clip –


TMNT papertoys

December 16, 2011

Howdy. Its been a while since i have posted but i have had a handful of request for my ninja turtle papertoys i posted a photo of almost a year ago so below you’ll find the .pdf’s of Michealangelo & Leonardo sans weapons. If you make them please send me a photo. Enjoy.



The Ramshackle Army film clip & album teaser

April 8, 2011

The Ramshackle Army will be launching their debut EP “Life Lessons & Drunken Sessions” on May 1st 2011. I have produced for them a teaser of the upcoming EP and a film clip for the title track “Uprising Young Citizen”. Both are currently being used as part of their social media marketing campaign.

“Life Lessons & Drunken Sessions” EP teaser

“Uprising Young Citizen” Official film clip

Online folio / showreel update

March 21, 2011

I’ve updated my online folio/showreel to include some of print design work, the Melbourne Storm Cheerleader tryouts clip, and my Why Dogs Wag short which i only realised within the last week i hadn’t posted online yet. Enjoy.

Click on the above image to go to the site or bookmark this link –

Nugget the Dog – paper toy

March 10, 2011

I can openly admit that my dog is my muse. I’ve already made a flash video game, t-shirts and a character in Why Dogs Wag is based on him so it should come as no surprise that i have made a paper toy of my little mate.

I haven’t created any instructions as yet but if you would like to attempt to build your own Nugget the Dog paper toy you can download the .pdf here. Bulid time is approx 1hour with the majority of that being for cutting the thing out.

If you do make your own send me a photos as i’d love to see them.


Melbourne Storm Cheerleader Tryouts

March 4, 2011

A few weeks ago i shot and edited the cheerleader tryouts and 12 Cheerleader of the week clips for Melbourne Storm. 120 girls and boys turning out for what was an amazing day. Today the tryout clip went live on the Storm website which you can view here and the first of my Cheerleader of the week will be played on the big screen at the game this weekend. Very exciting stuff.

The Ramshackle Army – Uprising Young Citizen

February 21, 2011

Over the weekend i directed the Uprising Young Citizen film clip for my good friends – The Ramshackle Army. It was shot over 3 locations in one day on zero budget. Being a freebie project it provided me with an opportunity to be able to work with some good film industry friends of mine with no pressure on the outcome. It was alot of fun and provided a perfect platform to experiment some unconventional techniques. Here are some stills from the rough cut.

I’ll provide a link to the completed clip once it has been released.