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Evolution of Music documentary

October 8, 2009


Evolution of Music

The Evolution of Music is a documentary that sets out to highlight how the music industry has evolved in and up until the 21st century.

We do this by interviewing a variety of Artists from 4 different generations.

The Artist include:

Chris Cheney – The Living End
Kram – Spiderbait
Nic Cester – Jet
Iva Davis – Icehouse
Johnny Galvatron – The Galvatrons
Damian Costin – Motorace
Craig Harnath – Kids in the Kitchen

plus many more.

The interviews show varying opinions and experiences from people who were a part of the industry at different times. There answers demonstrate the positive and negative changes that have influenced the music industry as we know it today. Topics investigated revolve around the Artist’s journey, moments that changed music, band integrity, online sales and commercialism. These topics are approached through a series of identical questions asked in each interview. Some sample questions are:

• How has the music industry changed since you have been a part of it?
• How has file sharing and advertising affected the industry?
• Where do you see the music industry in ten years?

All the questions are fairly generic but are asked only to prompt and guide the interviewee.
The interviews were filmed as a Q&A but in the final cut we present, in my cases the Artist’s response only.

Our overall message is support your local artist, go to gigs, buy their music.

We have a dedicated blog for this assignment at –

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